Do you or your family ever wonder that who will be there to support you in times of crisis in a foreign land? Are you afraid that you might be left all alone with no one to help you in a country that doesn’t speak your language and has a vastly different culture?

Fear not! Indian Students in Germany (ISG), an initiative by the Embassy of India in Berlin, is there to make your life easier. ISG has played a vital role in spreading important information in the Indian community. The primary goal of ISG is to provide information to students about education and employment in Germany by means of their Facebook page and their portal. In times of crisis, they can also help you by directing you to the nearest Indian association.

All you need to do is, register with ISG upon landing in Germany. This info will be used to maintain a record of your presence in Germany and easy communication when required. It is recommended that you register on the link above/below. In times of distress, your info with ISG might come in handy to allay the concerns of your near and dear ones back home.

Rest assured, your data will only used to share important information with you. There will be no spamming from ISG’s side.