Update ISG Brochure for Year 2017

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Please check out our updated ISG Brochure for the year 2017.

Achievements of 2016

  • Project ISG is now officially an Embassy of India initiative!
  • Over 2000 students registered through Project ISG portal of Embassy of India, Berlin
  • Around 1000 followers/likes for Project ISG FB page
  • Over 500 queries directly answered to students through FB and emails
  • Over 50 job / internship postings through ISG web / FB / Twitter portals in 6 months
  • Webinar with Indian students associations to understand their needs
  • CV preparation workshop in Hannover
  • ISG partner association head meets Honorable External Affairs Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj to discuss needs of Indian students abroad
  • Regular guest blogs in collaboration with Well-Wishers / Promoters of ISG
  • DAAD and University prizes to Indian students and Indian students associations who are working for/with ISG

Planned activities for 2017

  • Support Through Local Indian Student Associations: In addition to directly answering student queries, Project ISG aims to provide ground support through local student Indian associations. Quarterly webinars and half-yearly meetings will be held with all Indian student associations to provide necessary support in terms of information.
  • Jobs from MIIM Initiative: Project ISG will advertise jobs & internships available at the German companies enrolled in the MIIM Program. By end of 2017, Project ISG will provide an exclusive platform for Indian students to apply to the MIIM companies.
  • Workshops and Training Programs for Students: Project ISG aims to conduct several workshops and training programs aimed exclusively at registered Indian students in Germany. The workshops will address the themes of integration & intercultural training, preparation for job search, professional networking, start-up initiatives etc.
  • Project ISG App: In addition to Website, Facebook and Twitter, Project ISG app will allow students to directly contact and request information. Project ISG aims to be the one-stop portal of information for all Indian students in and aspiring to come to Germany
  • Course Feedback: Project ISG will have a course feedback based on the alumni experiences which will aid decision making of incoming students.

Sarojini Naidu – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award

The annual Sarojini Naidu – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award was constituted by ISG to encourage interactive participation of Indian Students either individually or through the various Indian Student Associations in the ISG Portal. The award is to be conferred to the best association/individual who has contributed in a special way to assist other Indian students in Germany or had been instrumental in their integration into the German society. In 2016, the award was jointly awarded to Indian students association from TUHH and Aachen.

A call for the year 2017 will be coming soon in summer 2017. Some hints about the upcoming call include:

  • What is your contribution to Project ISG?
  • Do you/your association publicize about Project ISG?
  • Does your/your association website (+ other social media) link to Project ISG?
  • Are your association’s events being publicized on the ISG calender?
  • How much information about your region is on ISG?