Titbits from Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD 2017)

A recording of the panel discussion can be found at: Youtube Video
Some of the topics under consideration at MEA include
  • Create brand for education in India to attract meritorious students from all over the world
  • Build database of Indian students abroad through registration on MADAD portal
  • Centralise online admission for those seeking admission in India
  • SAT Exam should be used for entry to IITs
  • Subject combinations requirements have to be synchronised with courses abroad
  • Issue of equivalence certificate to Indian students
  • Mutual recognition of degrees should be discussed further
  • Take steps to control unscrupulous educational agents
  • A common entrance examination for NRIs/PIOs/OCIs could be conceived so that quotas meant for them in all educational institutions is filled through merit
  • A Global Indian Students Association may be set up to help students with information and guidance.
  • Visa extension procedures to be simplified by foreign countries and India. Annual verification or extension of visa of foreign visas could be avoided by FRRO which could follow US model of one-time registration
  • Financial assistance for economically weaker students
  • Active engagement of Foreign Missions in Delhi and Indian Missions abroad to minimise role of agents
  • Ranking and branding of Indian Universities
  • National Educational Policy to be expanded to include scope for Indian origin students from abroad
  • Permit two semester based entries to balance mismatch between Indian and foreign academic sessions
  • Harmonise school calendars, equivalence of degrees and accreditation problems of medical students
  • Formation of studying as well as alumni associations
  • Pre-departure orientation programmes to be arranged for outbound students by the Government of India