Tips on Studying in Germany

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Eight of the best subjects to study in Germany

Did you know that Germany has 102 Nobel prizes? Here is a list of top subjects to study in Germany [Link]

Nine very compelling reasons to study in Germany

Germany and the Anglophone countries all have a great number of internationally recognized and well-respected universities. Attending any one of them will indisputably grant you a great education. But when it comes to methods and funding, they couldn’t be more different. Here are nine reasons why it’s advantageous to come to Germany to get your degree. [Link]

Who is studying the most and least in Germany

The average German student works 32.5 hours a week, according to research published on Tuesday, but there are big differences between different subjects. Which students study the most and least? [Link]

45 most asked questions about studying in Germany

Why study in Germany? or What is Studienkolleg? or Can I study in English? Here is a list of 45 commonly asked questions by students coming to Germany. [Link]

10 things to know before studying in Germany

In the United States, the average student loan debt is nearing $30,000. In the UK, it’s closer to $66,000. For millennials, outsourcing higher education is becoming increasingly attractive. One enticing destination is Germany. The land of poets and thinkers is famed for its practically nonexistent tuition fees at public universities, along with its high quality of life and a location at the nexus of European culture and politics. For a list of 10 things, check out the article on Deutsche Welle. [Link]

10 faux pas to avoid in Germany

Want to fit in in Germany? Then you’d better know when to wish someone happy birthday and how to light your cigarette. Here’s a guide for avoiding faux pas in Germany [Link]