Salaries, Rental prices and Tax system

Understanding the taxes and social contributions in Germany

Those moving to Germany will soon notice that both the German tax system as well as social security plans can be rather complex & arcane. In contrast to some other industrialized countries, the core social security in Germany is financed collectively by means of a process of redistribution. When you move to Germany for professional reasons, you might be surprised after you get a look at your first pay slip: your gross monthly income and the net salary you receive often differ considerably. These differences are not only due to taxation; some contributions for social security schemes are directly deducted from the wages. For the complete article, check out “Understanding the taxes and social contributions in Germany

Rental prices development in Germany

This article documents the rental price increases for student residences, apartments and individual houses in Germany. If you want to know whether your rent is appropriate, look at the local rent levels. The rent database is updated every two years Cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, as well as some municipalities were analysed. Analysis criteria included the year of construction, its location and the available facilities. For the complete article, check out “Rental prices development in Germany

Salary comparison Germany

In Germany, your salary depends not only on the profession you are pursuing, but also on your location. In this article, we share insights into the current salary levels across Germany. If you want to earn higher salaries, you should consider working in the southern states. According to a the survey results published in Gehaltsatlas 2016, the highest salaries are paid in Hessen. Here the regional wage level is 110.7%, which is 10.7% above the national average. Following Hessen are the southern federal states of Baden-W├╝rttemberg (109.4 %) and Bavaria (106.1 %). In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia, salaries are about 25 % lower than in the federal average. For the complete article, check out “Salary Comparison in Germany

Obstacles faced by immigrants in the labour market

Immigrants face challenges in finding jobs that are not of their own making. The challenges immigrants face in finding jobs have to do with not just the characteristics and skills they bring to the labour market, but also the state of the economy. For the complete article, check out “Obstacles to getting a suitable job by immigrants