Meeting with the union ministry regarding Indian students studying abroad

Meeting with MEA


ISG is very glad to announce the meeting of Dr. Prayag Murawala (Expert regeneration biologist at Centre for Regenerative Therapies Dresden) with H.E. Union Minister for External Affairs Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Minister of State for External Affairs, H.E. General Vijay Kumar Singh at New Delhi today (on 09.09.2016) at the invitation of the Honourable Minister.

Prayag is also the founder of the Indian Association Dresden (IAD) and its former President. He was invited to speak on the problems faced by the Indian students in Germany and regarding issues concerning NRI students in India. IAD is one of the members of the ISG platform.

Further details and reports regarding the meeting will soon follow on FB and ISG website.

A short summary of the meeting:
Dr. Prayag Murawala had a very successful meeting hosted by MEA. The meeting was chaired by the Hon’ble External affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj and co-chaired by Minister for Human Resource Development Shri. Prakash Javadekar and Mos for External Affairs Gen. V.K. Singh. The panel comprised of dignitaries from all over the globe and discussed issues pertaining to the “Problems faced by Indian students abroad and NRI problems in India.”

MEA agreed on the following solutions:
1. MEA will work on registration upon the port of Exit. This will allow MEA to know the destinations and purpose of travel. Such a database will empower the MEA to help students solve their problems.

2. MEA will try to create awareness amongst students on fraudulent agents and fraudulent calls to NRI/PIO.

3. MHRD minister agreed on the need to strengthen Indian Universities and will begin a systematic ranking of universities. Further on, a possibility of providing extra funding to top 10 universities to implement new projects was also discussed.

4. Issues related to racism and safety of Indian students were dealt in detail and MEA requests all the associations across the world to play an active part and bring them to the notice of high commission and embassies.

5. The feasibility of uniting all Indian associations in each foreign country and creating an ISG platform was also discussed. Further, on a global platform for NRI students is also under consideration.

6. President of the Medical council of India acknowledged problems faced by medical students regarding recognition of Indian medical degrees across the world. It was also iterated that there has been a consistent effort towards Indian medical degrees being recognised in more countries, including Germany.

7. Similar directions were discussed for other degrees where a problem of recognition in various parts of the world exists.

8. An idea was proposed to streamline the calendar year for the students with a goal to facilitate an easy transition of both the students going abroad and coming to India.

9. It was also discussed regarding the higher fees being paid by PIO/NRI’s students as compared to the Indian students. The ministry has promised to further discuss this issue.

10. MEA has accepted suggestions and taken into consideration the issues regarding poor funding and integration of scientists in India. A detailed list of suggestions and issues were provided for consideration. Further on, a mechanism for timely release of funds for scientists is also under review.

Team ISG
Team IAD