Magdeburg Indians: A Role Model Students Association!

We recently interviewed Fredrick and Deeban from the Magdeburg Indians. Magdeburg Indians is a registered verein and an Indian student association in Germany. Here is an edited transcript of the interview.

Your name & what you are doing in Germany?

Fredrick Johnson Joseph (Master in Medizin Technik) and Deeban Chakaravarthi Mathivannan, (International. MBA)

Your position with Magdeburg Indians?

Secretary and President respectively

Can you give links to Website, FB page, Twitter, Instagram etc?

Facebook Page:

What are the primary activities of the associations MI?

Integration with the German Culture and Technology with an exchange of knowledge building relationship by organizing Cultural, Sport, Intellectual and Volunteering events and activities periodically. This applies to all the Incoming Student and Students living in Magdeburg, Germany.

Name of universities associated with MI?

  • Otto-von Guericke University
  • FachHoschschule Magdeburg
  • Uniklinikum Magdeburg

How many Indian students are there in Magdeburg area? How many of them are members of the association? What is the typical size of incoming Indian students each year?

507, We will update the exact count of membership soon, 70- 80 new incoming students each year

Do you have any activities to help new students who come to study at your university?

Students Admitted to Magdeburg Benefits:

  • Contact details of Magdeburg Indians shared via German Consulates in India.
  • Webinar: Introductory (3 Months Before Arrival)
    • Course Briefing
    • City Exposure
    • FAQ’s
  • Pre-Departure – I (2 Months Before Arrival)
    • VISA Procedures
    • Flight Booking
    • Accommodation Approach
    • Buddy Program (Student guide to each student)
  • Post-Arrival:
    • Pickup service
    • Temporary- Lodging
    • Accommodation
    • Bureaucratic Procedures (Helping) (Health Insurance. SIM card etc.)
    • Fresher’s Meeting
  • Instantaneous Reply:
    • Reply via Official Magdeburg Indians e.V. page
    • What’s App Group (2-3 seniors answering messages)
  • Academic help provided
    • Help in German Language Academy
    • Hi-Wi – Student Jobs (Guidance)
    • Help in Internship/Thesis/ Project opportunities
    • Career Planning and Job Applications
    • Alumni Network
    • Stammtisch (Monthly student Meet-Up)
    • Sports: Cricket Tournament (Opportunity to play with DCB)& Football Tournament

We heard that you are now a registered verein. When did you register?

Yes, on 14th of December, 2016

Was the registration a long process? How much time did it take? How much did it cost?

Yes, it is indeed a lengthy procedure, 1-2 Weeks. Totally it costed around €200

Can you briefly list the steps involved in registration?

  • Prepare the Satzung
  • Founding Meeting
  • Notar Consultation
  • Tax Consultant
  • Finanzamt Consultation
  • Amgerischt Registration

Did you need to hire a lawyer to complete the procedure? How much did it approximately cost?

Yes, € 80

Can you give links to documents that need to be filled up?

Were you expecting the ISG Award in 2016? What was your reaction?

Yes, of course! Unfortunately, unexpected result.

We wish you the very best for the ISG Award for the year 2017. So far you seem to be doing great and a top contender for the award! How do you think MI can contribute to ISG?

Collaborate with the Projects  from ISG possibly

What do you think of Project ISG so far? What are your suggestions for future ISG activities?

Good platform, Integrate all the associations under a single platform