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About the company

mPower GmbH is a Dresden-based start-up focussed on developing CFY based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) stack as well as modules, providing 24X7 Clean, Green, Reliable and Affordable energy solutions. The mPower Stack is developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany and Plansee SE, Austria and we have the global license to manufacture, market and service. Currently, they have operations in Pune (India) and New York (USA) and further expanding our production capacities in Dresden to meet the customer demands.

The company aims to establish this stacking technology as the worldwide industry standard and are working on enhancing the efficiency as well as further optimizing the technology. As a part of achieving this mPower has signed different R&D projects with Fraunhofer IKTS for continuous innovation and developments to the stack. mPower GmbH also focuses on providing clean energy solutions through SOFC as well as SOEC applications with a simple, plug & play, modular and scalable product which can be easily integrated into the fuel cell system by considering the ease to the end customer as well as the effects of climate change.

They are simultaneously in talks with the government bodies in India, to provide solutions to the energy demands. Also, they are looking to work with the universities worldwide for enhancing our product in making it as the most technically and economically advanced in the SOFC technology. Check the enclosed brochure for more information on the product and company.

If you are interested in interning with them, please feel free to contact them.