Covid-19 Useful Info

Federal Ministry of Education provides bridging aid for students in pandemic emergency situations

PRESS RELEASE: 051/2020 – Full details

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FAQs related to immigration -COVID19(Germany)

Due to the current situation in connection with the spread of the conronavirus, the local immigration authorities are only accessible to a limited extent. Here you will find general information on various residence law issue..

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Information on Covid-19

To assit you find answers to your queries and to get further information on the current situation we have compiled some of the useful webpages given below that give useful information and practical guidelines.
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Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 4 things travelers to Germany need to know

Help for foreign students:

Coronavirus and studierendenWERK’s services: FAQ

The impact of COVID-19 on lease agreements in Germany – practical considerations

Daily updates on the coronavirus

Information on the Corona virus (DAAD)


Changes affecting expats in Germany

Below are some of the immediate changes that could affect expats in Germany.

1. Changes to BAföG repayments
2. Easier access to child supplement
3. Childcare contributions suspended in some federal states
4. Hartz IV without means test
5. Higher air traffic tax
6. Higher minimum wage in construction
7. Protection for tenants in coronavirus crisis
8. Loan repayments can be suspended
9. Payments for electricity, gas, water and telephone can be suspended



Ministry of AYUSH Ayurveda’s immunity boosting measures for self care during COVID 19 crisis

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