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gurjitsnghThe platform "www.indianstudensgermany.org" (ISG) initiated by the Indian Embassy in Germany aims at providing a centralized source of  authentic information to help prospective students and support those already in Germany. The platform aids the mission to reach out to the Indian students in Germany, disseminate and share information regarding issues including, but not limited to job opportunities, internships, accommodation, cultural events, scholarships, awareness etc. During recent months the platform has created a robust network of Indian students and student associations across Germany who interact and help each other solve most of the day to day problems. I wish this Project ISG becomes a beacon of inspiration for other individuals to become part of this student network community. This is a platform "For the Students by the Students". I wish to express my sincere & good wishes to all those who have contributed to ISG and make it a strong student movement capable of addressing the various issues and becoming a voice of the Indian student community in Germany. With the growing number of Indian students in Germany, the questions related to registration, accommodation, travel, visa, culture etc is bound to grow and I hope to see ISG as a solution provider to many such questions.

Shri. Gurjit Singh (Ambassador of India to the Federal Republic of Germany)

Dearghokale young Indian Students in Germany,

At the recently concluded 3rd Inter-Governmental Consultations in October 2015, Prime Minister Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the growing number of Indian students studying in German Universities. Information about education in Germany is becoming more widespread in India. Consequently, the number of Indian Students in Germany has been growing rapidly. With this, there has also been an increase in the number of students seeking genuine information regarding admission and life in Germany. It gives me happiness and satisfaction to see the efforts of students themselves to develop the networking platform of www.indianstudentsgermany.org, which is launched to support both the students’ community in Germany and also to create awareness and share the necessary information with the prospective students from India. In the long term, I hope that this networking platform becomes a strong movement that represents Indian student community collectively in raising various issues of importance. My best wishes for the future of the networking platform and to all the individuals who have contributed to making this platform a reality.

Shri. Vijay Gokhale (Former Ambassador of India to the Federal Republic of Germany)

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